Passionate about wildlife? Wanna share with the world?


We are always looking for social-savvy wildlife enthusiasts to join our social media team. As a member of the social media team, you’ll have the opportunity to:

  • Identify, select and post news of interest along with personal comment or quote from story

  • Share posts from wildlife rehabs and add comment to post

  • Engage with community members (e.g. thank-yous for sharing, management of individual conversation threads, etc.)

  • Invite others to follow you/GWAB by tactfully posting and sharing on your personal pages or through related groups
  • Become a social media semi-expert and learn about wildlife all week long!

Vivid interest in the care, well-being and safety of wild animals in North America

1.  Approximately one hour total start-up time, including admin and training as well as a phone chat so we can get to know each other.

2. 15 to 30 minutes per week (or more if you like) researching, posting, sharing 

3. Strong written communication skills (spelling, grammar, clarity)

4. Computer or smartphone for social engagement and posting (Facebook membership is assumed)

5. Flexible times that work for you, preferably on a regularly scheduled basis

Important: Must also be responsive to messages and texts, especially when you’re first getting started on the team.


  • Social media strategy and guidance from seasoned social media marketing professional
  • “Clout” as an Editor when you post on the Facebook page(s)
  • Experience and skills that easily transfer to future social media projects
  • Instant camaraderie and being part of a larger community that has similar values regarding wildlife
  • Opportunity to promote yourself (if you wish) (e.g., your bio on our page, along with by-lines if you write blogs, etc.)

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 @givewildllifeabrake (U.S. national)
 @givepawildlifeabrake (Pennsylvania-only)

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