Be a Champion for Wildlife and Road Safety!

As we continue to encroach on their habitat with housing and roads, wildlife throughout the country migrate beyond their usual territories in search of food and mates. Witness the horrific aftermath of car and deer collisions and the mangled carcasses of raccoons, possums, foxes, armadillos, groundhogs, turtles and myriad animals that never stood a chance of making it across the road.

Road Mortality a Major Threat to Survival of Species

For  21 federally listed threatened or endangered species, road mortality—​often in combination with habitat loss—​is a major threat to survival of the species. 

Wildlife crossings in the U.S.

.With the introduction of the Wildlife Corridors Conservation Act into Congress, we’re seeing a heightened awareness of the adverse impact of development and highway infrastructure on the wildlife we share space with. While the western states had foresight to build wildlife overpasses and animal road crossings, other localities are just now recognizing the need and assessing ways to assist animal migration and movement, whether with wildlife underpasses, overpasses, fencing, signage or other methods. Read about wildlife crossings in the U.S.

Deer car accidents by state

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration estimates approximately one million deer-related car accidents every yearThe costs are great—to human and animal lives as well as to insurers. ​Find out the Top 10 Deer Car Accidents by State (and see where your state ranks, too).