The Top 10 Deer Car Accidents By State

1. West Virginia (the reigning champion for 10 yrs!)
2. Montana 
3. Pennsylvania ​
​4. Wisconsin 
​5. Iowa
​6. South Dakota 
7. Minnesota​
​8. Michigan
​9. Wyoming
​10. Mississippi 

How likely are you to have a deer collision?
This infographic
 has all the details for each state.

 Source: State Farm, 2018​

The 21 Threatened or Endangered Species at Greatest Risk Due to Road Mortality

Federal Highway Administration study*indicated that 21 already threatened or endangered species were further threatened due to the risk of being run over by cars, among other factors such as loss of habitat. The wildlife most at risk are as follows:

Lower Keys marsh rabbit, Key deer, bighorn sheep (peninsular California), San Joaquin kit fox, Canada lynx, ocelot, Florida panther, red wolf

American crocodile, desert tortoise, gopher tortoise, Alabama red-bellied turtle, bog turtle, copperbelly water snake, eastern indigo snake

California tiger salamander, flatwoods salamander, Houston toad

Audubon’s crested caracara, Hawaiian goose, Florida scrub jay

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