People are often baffled by deer behavior on the roads, sharing stories of deer not only darting out into the road but jumping right into the side of the car or stopped in the middle of the road, “caught in the headlights.”

Here are some tips from Natural Forests on how to avoid hitting a deer while driving:

  • Waterways are natural passages for wildlife. Keep an eye out for deer on sides of bridges.
  • Ask passengers to help you keep an eye out for deer. Agree on quick way to communicate, such as “Deer, right!”
  • Deer-vehicle collisions happen more often on two-lane highways where  the speed limit is 55 mph.
  • Don’t honk your horn. It could spook the animal and make it dart in the wrong direction. Just slow down and give it time to move. 
  • Animal crossings can reduce risk of animal-vehicle collisions by 80%! ​

Are you in a deer-heavy state? Find out your odds of hitting one.

 Have any other guidance on how to avoid hitting a deer while driving? Feel free to submit your comments below! And be sure to see what other resources National Forests has put out there. The It’s All Yours campaign about appreciation of our national forests and grasslands is truly inspiring.

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